Monday, November 14, 2011

Still here

I realized that I haven't blogged in quite a while.  Which is probably due to the fact that I've discovered Netflix streaming.  I've been rewatching some of my old favorites, including the entire series of "24", and really enjoying it.  Just last night I watched Die Hard With A Vengeance.  Gotta love a good shoot-em-up movie.

Anyway, we're still here.  In my father-in-law's house.  I'd hoped to be moved into our own place by now, but no such luck.  We've been waiting on the electrician.  The builders can't finish the inside work until there's heat, and the heating guy can't get the heat going until there's electricity.  Oh, the plumber is also waiting on electricity. And the electrician has been out of town for two weeks.  He's back now, and the plan is to meet out at the house this afternoon.  I'll call him in a little while just to be sure that that plan is still good.

I had been looking forward to possibly spending Thanksgiving in our new house, but even if we're moved in by then(which I doubt) we won't be there for the holiday.  Hubby's dad has a vacation house in Spearfish, SD, and it's been decided(not by me or the kids, but oh well) that the whole family will spend Thanksgiving there.  It's a great house, and there's plenty of room...but when you get our family (5 people) together with Hubby's dad, his sister, his brother, his aunt(and maybe uncle)'s going to be crowded.  Yippee.  So I'll have to spend my favorite holiday in a crowded house, with people who love to gossip(always makes me wonder what they're saying about me when I'm not there), and no chance of escape.  Oh, and all the adults will probably get wasted too; this family consumes copious amounts of alcohol anytime they're all together.  Hooray and happy Thanksgiving.

Sorry, I'm being all sarcastic and complain-y.  Better go find another good shoot-em-up to cheer me up.

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