Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jennifer Mittens!

As y'all know, I live in a very cold place. As a matter of fact, the warmest it got here today was 7 degrees below zero. And I wasn't made for the super-cold climate. So my hands and especially my fingers get very cold. I've been wearing cheap stretchy gloves from Walmart, and they just aren't enough when the mercury drops that low. So I designed some "glittens"... mittens with attached glove fingers! And I used the Capra I bought when Knit Picks had their luxury yarn sale after Christmas. I love Capra. It's so warm and soft. But of course it is; it's a cashmere blend!
Below, you can see the mitten-in-progress, when I had finished the fingers but not the mitten. 
I'm naming the pattern "Jennifer" after a friend of mine. I was feeling a little silly a few weeks ago, and challenged my friends to guess what show I was watching; I told them it was my all-time favorite show...and didn't give them any other hints. I said that whoever guessed correctly would get a handknit item designed for and named after them. After about an hour of guessing, Jennifer won with her guess: 24! I'll be making another pair for Jennifer, without the fingers. I'm writing the pattern both ways, so I need to be able to show it both ways in the pattern. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New designs

Every once in a while, I get a "wild hair" and design something crazy.

My coat hood is oversized, and doesn't stay on my head if there's even the slightest wind. So I decided to make one that would stay on. Searching through patterns, I didn't find anything that was what I was looking for. I wanted a hood that would be seamless, and not have a goofy-looking point at the top of the back. So I thought of using short rows to shape it to fit my head. I made a really simple one...

And then I got really crazy...
 I'm calling this design "Unconventional", because conventional wisdom says that alpaca and cables aren't a good combination. I'm hoping I can make the design understood for other knitters, because to be honest, I got confused myself, several times! I have a test-knitter lined up, and I hope it makes sense to her.

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Patterns

Hello readers! I had three new patterns published yesterday!
 R&R Shawl is available on Knit Picks for $2.99.

Hunter Socks is available on Knit Picks for $2.99. The pattern contains both sizes.

Bottoms Up Dishcloth Set is available on Knit Picks for $1.99.