Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blanket in progress, and other projects

I'm currently working on another baby blanket. This one is a Knit Picks sample. I've written the pattern, and I just have to finish the blanket so I can take pictures. In the meantime, here's an in-progress pic:
It's the same design as the purple one: Sisterhood. It's my tribute to the Bunker Babes. I don't know who will be getting the blanket when it's done; maybe my sister-in-law, or my half-sister-in-law, if one of them has a girl. The yarn is Knit Picks Swish Tonal worsted. The colorway is "Queen Anne", which is a really pretty blend of pinks, peaches and light oranges. Reminds me of a sunrise. I promise I'll get some better pics to show off the color when it's done. 
It's about halfway done now. I just finished the second skein of yarn. Due to the cables and the shape, this blanket takes a lot of yarn: 4 100gram skeins of worsted wool. The Knit Picks people asked if I'd like to try their new acrylic (Brava) for this, but I declined. I really don't enjoy working with acrylics, so I only use them when I have to, and only on small projects. I told them I'd be glad to design something smaller for Brava.
Meanwhile, I'm working on two summer designs: a tank top with a lace hibiscus on the front and back, and a tank top with cables that run up the front, over the straps, and down the back. Both will be for children, though I may eventually adapt the ideas for adult sizes. I'm planning on using KP CotLin DK yarn for both; it sounds like a perfect yarn for summer clothes.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am posting from our new house. That's right, after two months, we finally have internet! We also have a phone number, which I'm going to have to memorize. But we don't have a phone to plug in yet; we haven't had a landline in about ten years. Hubby is going to stop at his dad's place on his way home and see if he has an extra phone lying around somewhere. Hubby pointed out that he wants the "old-fashioned" kind of phone; one that only plugs into the phone jack and not also into an electrical outlet...because if the power goes out, we wouldn't be able to use the one plugged into the outlet...and I just thought of this now: how in the world did we survive the past ten years without an old-fashioned landline??? Oh, that's right, we had cell phones. And we still do. I think we'll be able to deal with power outages just fine. Haha.

Anyway, I'm glad to finally have internet at the house. Driving to Hubby's dad's place to use his internet was getting old. The connection here is slow, since we're out in the middle of nowhere and the signal has to travel a long way. So that will take some getting used to. I've tested it out on Netflix, and I am able to watch streaming video, but I can't be on Facebook at the same time. And I can't surf other pages while a page is loading. Yes, I'm a multitasker, so this is annoying. But I'll learn to live with it, because I don't have any other option.

Well, I have to go plug in my laptop now, since I've pretty much drained it watching MacGyver. And I believe I hear Laundry calling my name...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Undercover Reader

My latest pattern, Undercover Reader, is up on Knit Picks!
This cover fits the basic Kindle, and should also fit other e-readers of similar size. It has a lot of stretch, so as long as the dimensions are close, it should fit.  The pattern is available here for $1.99.