Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yarn Review: Knit Picks Galileo

I haven't done any yarn reviews before, but I've fallen in love with this new yarn, and feel I must share.

Knit Picks recently introduced a new yarn: Galileo. It's a 50/50 Merino/Bamboo blend in a sport weight. I'm using it to make a large shawl. It's a wonderful yarn. It has the soft warmth of Merino and the silky coolness of Bamboo. The colors are terrific. I'm using "Luminous", which is actually a bit darker than the photo on the website; it's a rich teal. Galileo glides smoothly on the needles, and has great stitch definition even on the size 8 needles I'm using. I chose it because I wanted to see if it was similar to Caron Spa, which is a DK weight bamboo/acrylic blend. I like Galileo better, because Spa is a bit splitty, and Galileo doesn't have that problem. This yarn is $4.99 for a 50 gram ball. Considering the quality of the yarn, I think that is a very reasonable price. I'm going to save up and get enough for a sweater.

This photo is of my current project. It's not blocked, and the sun was shining on the piece. I'll post more pics of the shawl when it's finished and blocked.

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