Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Introducing: my rejected pattern.

Well, I got the email today that the pattern I submitted to Knitty was not accepted. So I can finally post pictures here. I will, however, be reserving the pattern for my book. Anyway, this is "Julia Lynne". It's a top-down, seamless raglan cardigan with lace and ruffles.
And here are some pictures of my girls, in their cardigans.


And Angel


  1. aw, I'm sorry. I know the disappointment. The sweater is beautiful! So girly!

  2. How that manages not to fit the style at Knitty is beyond me. I personally find it adorable!

  3. Darling sweaters and girls!! I wonder why some things make it in Knitty and some don't. Have you tried submitting it to Popknits? http://www.popknits.com/


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