Sunday, November 1, 2009


Now that Halloween is over, I've found time to upload the pictures! Here is Dolly, as Queen Lucy of Narnia. I made this costume a few years ago, for Princess. Dolly loves wearing it for dress-up, and she didn't mind not having a new costume.

Here's Princess, as Felicity, again...

And Angel, as Betsy Ross!

I sewed together some strips of red and white fabric, and put a few separate ones in her basket, as if it was her sewing basket, and she was working on a flag. She did a great job, explaining to the clueless neighbors who Betsy Ross was.

And here's one of all three girls, at the costume contest. None of them won, but that's okay. Their costumes were definitely the most original, and probably the most well-made, if I do say so myself. ☺
I thought of taking pics of the worst costumes I the approximately size 20 woman in the size 10 spandex "Robin"(of Batman and Robin) costume...Yikes! Or the very pregnant teenager in the much-too-tight-minidress...I think she was dressed as a hooker. But I decided it wouldn't be very nice to show that. And I'm a nice person.

Anyway, Halloween's over. Now I can get back to Christmas knitting! ☺

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