Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm afraid we've been adopted...

Yesterday, two cats showed up in our back yard, and haven't wanted to leave. This one climbs up into my lap whenever I go out there. And he/she (haven't been able to get a good look yet) seems to be the jealous type...if I start petting the other cat, he/she gets in the way and even paws at my hands. The girls have been calling him/her "Milo", after a cat in a movie.
This one is smaller, maybe a year old kitten. I'm pretty sure it's female, which is good; Angel calls her "Elizabeth", Princess calls her "Felicity".
We haven't decided to keep them, exactly...I sent out an email to my neighborhood to see if we could find out who they belong to. But if I can't, I'll have to figure out what to do with them. I haven't ever owned a pet myself, and don't know a whole lot about cats. Advice, anyone?

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  1. Oh look that them! They look so sweet. Just make sure they got food, water and clean litter. IF they are boys, they will spray. Cats will let you know if they want something.


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