Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby blanket in progress

As promised, here's a pic of my newest design!
It's about halfway done.  It's going to be about 40 inches wide at the points, since it's a hexagon.  It's close to 30 now, which is about the width of the other baby blankets I've designed, but they were squares.  This one looks like it's for a doll at 30 inches, so I must keep knitting.  I really like how it's turning out.  It's a pretty simple design, at least in my head... I started with the braided cable in the center of each panel.  As it grew, I added the rope cable that twists toward the braid, then another rope that twists away from the other one...then another braid, and more ropes....etc.  I think writing this one up is going to be trickier than knitting it.  It doesn't have a name yet.  I thought of naming it after the baby it's going to be for, but the baby isn't born yet, and doesn't have a name.  Unless this blanket takes another five months to make, I'm going to have to come up with another idea.

In other knitting news, I've been dealing with my UFOs.  I frogged the original swatch for the above blanket; it was a square, in a yarn that I didn't have enough of to make a blanket anyway.  I was just swatching, about a year ago, and hadn't ever done anything with the swatch.  So now I have a reclaimed ball of green wool, and an empty needle. ☻  
And I dug out an eyelash yarn monstrosity that I'd started three years ago.  Angel wanted a fun fur blanket in pink and purple stripes.  I had gotten three stripes done, and my hands said "NO MORE!" so I put it away for three years.  Finally, I told Angel the other day that I wasn't going to finish it, and it wouldn't coordinate with her new turquoise and brown bedroom anyway.  Fun fur does not like to be frogged, so I just bound it off.  I suggested it could be a doll blanket, but she decided to add a button or pin and make it a capelet.  Silly girl looks like a Yeti that someone threw koolaid on.  But it's out of my UFO bin!    And I gave her the leftover yarn.  
And sadly, I discovered that my white lace stole-in-progress was full of holes.  Apparently some evil insect found it very yummy.  I frogged most of it, but only recovered a small ball of yarn, as most of it came off in short, unusable pieces.  Fortunately, I hadn't gotten very far on it, and the balls of yarn in the ziploc didn't look like they'd been touched, so I should still have enough of that lovely laceweight to make a small shawl.  And I've started charting for that design...

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