Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finished baby blanket!

Here's my second completed project for 2012!
I apologize for the bad photo; I'll take some pics outside later if the sun ever decides to come out.

I had to use a contrast color for the edging, because I ran out of the purple.  Fortunately, I had one skein of the same yarn in a lovely cream color, and it turned out to be just enough.  So I used four skeins of Paton's Classic Wool (3 in "That's Purple" and 1 in "Winter White").  The needles were size US8.  And I think I've decided on the name for this design: Sisterhood Baby Blanket.  This one is for my dear friend and Bunker sister Monica.  We're sisters despite the fact that we haven't met...yet!  Now that we're only about eight hours apart, we're going to have to meet soon. ☻

Editing the post to add this better picture.  You can see the cables much more clearly here.

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  1. A very clever idea for a baby blanket. I'm impressed you got this done so quickly with all those cables :-)


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