Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A few knitting pics...

Here's a closeup of a simple triangular shawl I'm making. It's mostly stockinette, with purl ridges randomly spaced. And it'll have a very ruffley edging, because I like ruffles.
I'm using Paton's Decor, in Chocolate Taupe, and holding a silver thread along with it. This shawl was inspired by my hair; I recently found my first silver hairs. Yeah, I know that's strange, being inspired by my own hair. But I find inspiration everywhere. Anyway, the working name for this one is "Going Gray"... I haven't decided whether that will be the name when it's finished.
Here is Angel, wearing her Christmas Sweater, and an apparently radioactive necklace. ☺ The sweater fits her perfectly! And she loves it.
Here's Princess, wearing her shrug, and carrying the purse I crocheted to match it. Yes, I realize the shrug looks silly being worn over longer sleeves, but that's my 5-year-old. That's how she is.

And here's a bit of pure cuteness: Dolly, wearing her Christmas cape and mitts. It won't fit for very long, but I didn't figure it would anyway. She'll wear it until the weather gets too warm for it, then it'll go in her "special box".
Coming up in my next post: pics of Princess's poncho, which I finished last night.
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and that y'all have a terrific New Year!

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