Sunday, June 27, 2010

Because I'm easily distracted

You know those looms kids use to make potholders out of nylon loopy things? My oldest daughter has one of them, and doesn't have much interest in using it, since she knows that nylon isn't a great choice for potholders, because it can melt. I had the idea of weaving a potholder with a natural yarn, just to see how it would work. I'm glad I picked a feltable wool.

I used Lion Brand Wool, in the "Sunset" colorway(at least I think that was the name. It's been in my stash a while, without the label). I wove (weaved?) it on the loom...

then bound it off, using a crochet hook. A little tricky once I got to the third side, but do-able...
I made two of them. And tossed them in the washer...after which, they looked like this...It took a few minutes to wrestle them into a semblance of a square shape, but I did it.
They didn't shrink quite as much as I had expected, but that's alright. They would probably shrink a bit more if I washed them again, but I don't care that much. LOL. They're a bit bigger than the typical coaster, and smaller than the typical potholder. I figure I'll just give them to Angel and Princess, to use however they want.

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