Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We're going to get a new deck!

I told Hubby three years ago that I did not like the deck we had.  It's a strange shape, and has a lot of wasted space.  He vetoed the idea immediately, without even really looking at my suggestions.  Fine.  I'm adaptable.  I still hated the deck, and wished he'd let me build a new one, but I decided I could live with it.
A few weeks ago, Hubby shot a skunk on the deck, and it crawled under it to die.  So it was stuck underneath somewhere, and we had no way to get it out without tearing up boards.  And our carpenter friend Kerry told Hubby he could build us a great deck for a pretty good price.....so Hubby agreed, and told me about the idea, as if he'd thought of it himself. (Can you just hear me rolling my eyes?)  Whatever.  As long as I get my new deck, I don't care who gets the credit for the idea.
So yesterday, Kerry helped me locate the dead skunk by ripping up a few boards....
 And Hubby decided to participate in the project by tearing apart the first half of the deck himself.  Yeah, I was shocked.
 You'll notice that he didn't tear apart the step I had built a few months ago...
 And we put the wood in the fire!
Actually, that's only about half of the wood from the first half of the deck.  We'll burn the other half today, and hopefully get the other half of the deck demolished today too.
I can hardly wait to get started building (with Kerry) on my new deck!  Woohoo!

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