Monday, November 29, 2010


It's been a few days.  I've been really busy since my last post, and have hardly had any sit-down time at all.  Consequently, I haven't done much knitting.  I started yesterday on a test-knit for a friend, but have only gotten about one inch done so far. (Sorry, Sincero.  I'll focus on it more, and get it done.♥)

Anyway, I've been cleaning, organizing, decluttering, moving furniture, and putting up Christmas decorations.  Hubby and I have decided to rearrange some of the rooms in our house.  What has been the "living room" for the past three years, but not had much "living" done in it, is not going to be the "living room" anymore.  The "family room" has almost no furniture in it, and what is there is delapidated and old.  We're planning on getting some new furniture soon, probably right after we get our new floors(which has been postponed until after New Years).  But in the meantime, I'm moving furniture around, to make better use of the space.  I made the mistake of lifting with my back while moving an incredibly heavy piece of furniture on Saturday.  But I was alright after a few hot salt baths and a bunch of Advil.  I kept working, despite the pain, remembering that my back hurts less when I'm using it, and it actually helped.  So, now the front room is mostly clean, and the Christmas tree and Nativity scene are up.  The family room still needs a lot of work...there are currently two overflowing baskets full of clean laundry on the floor, and a bunch of miscellaneous stuff scattered around.  I swear, I want to just chuck most of the STUFF we have.  We have way too much, especially compared with people around the world who have so little.  Of course, when I say "chuck" I don't mean throw away, I mean give away whatever is worth giving.  But a lot of it is just junk that isn't even worth donating anywhere.

Anyway, that's why I haven't written anything over the weekend.  I was busy.  Busy like crazy. ☺ Maybe things'll settle down somewhat...haha, who am I kidding?  It's going to get crazier!

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