Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I said something about getting more pumpkins, didn't I?

Well, the girls begged again....and I really did want to get more pumpkins anyway.....so I let them each pick one.  Kitty picked a tiny one, and Angel and Princess kept picking different ones, both trying to get the "biggest".  Finally I told them to just pick, and it turned out that Princess's was the biggest.
 I cut them all in half, and let the girls scoop out the seeds themselves, which they enjoyed, for the most part.
 We ended up with less pumpkin, about 5 cups...
 And more seeds; this is only half...
We took a bunch more pictures, but I'm going to have Angel blog about the whole project in the next few days, and she doesn't like it when I blog something before her....so don't tell her.  And check her blog soon to see her "How To" post about roasting pumpkins. ☺
And just a reminder: Get out there and vote! Unless you're a democrat.  Y'all already screwed things up royally.

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