Saturday, March 28, 2009

I love thrift shopping!

The girls and I spent the morning cleaning, and after lunch I decided we deserved a little break. So we went to the thrift shop. :D I love going to the thrift shop. Most of our clothes come from there, because I think it's ridiculous to pay the prices at regular stores...even the ones at Walmart sometimes. And I also find great cotton sweaters to recycle.
Today was my day for the good deals. The girls all have enough clothes for now. I found a genuine leather jacket, which fits me per-fect-ly...for $5! Woohoo! And it's in great condition, too. There were actually two of them, but I decided not to be greedy; I only got one. I'm sure some other lady is going to be just as excited about finding the other one. And I also found a lovely, soft, pink cashmere sweater for $3. Yes, I know it's March, and I don't need sweaters most of the year where I live. But the cashmere is so light and soft; it'll be perfect for chilly evenings all year 'round. I am in love with cashmere. I also got a couple other shirts and a laundry basket, but I'm most excited about the cashmere sweater and leather jacket. I might wear them tomorrow for church, depending on the weather.


  1. Good for you to get such great deals! Our thrift shop is really expensive. They mark things nearly as expensive as Wal-mart, and some things--like school uniforms--are even higher. I seldom shop there.

  2. Wow. That's too bad. I am really blessed to have a good thrift shop close by. We didn't have that in the last place we lived.


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