Wednesday, June 17, 2009

After spending hours and hours yesterday working on it...

Laura's shawl is done! It is blocking right now; I washed it and laid it out last night, but it's still not dry. Well, it is cotton, after all! But it should be dry later today. So I can give it to her on Sunday. Now I just need to get some pretty wrapping paper... And I'll post pictures later.

Now, just because I'm done knitting the shawl, that doesn't mean I'm done praying for her. I'll keep praying as long as she needs the prayers. And I'd like to ask my readers to continue praying for her as well. You can follow her journey on her blog at She updates it every day, or almost every day.

As soon as I get the pattern refined and turned into a PDF file, I will post it on my other blog, and link to it on this one. Now I'll turn back to my big project. I've been neglecting it for two weeks so I could focus on "Laura".

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