Friday, June 26, 2009


Okay, I know it's been almost a full week since I've written anything here. But it's because I've been busy. I'm almost done with the main part of "number 3" of my secret design. And I've made a few other things in the meantime.
Here are Princess's mitts...
It took one day to knit them up and dye them. I used the same turquoise blue cashmere as I used for Angel's, but Princess loves purple. So I overdyed them with cherry koolaid. There's still quite a bit of blue in them, but she says she really likes them. Now I just need to figure out the adult size and write down the pattern...
Here's a dishcloth I designed for my dear friends in the Bunker. They're like family to me...
This pattern is only available to members of the Bunker.
And here's the promised picture of "Laura".
I wasn't able to get a picture of Laura (my pastor's wife) with "Laura" (the shawl), because she didn't open it immediately. So I'll just have to be content of this picture of me holding it. I have a few friends test-knitting this one, but I will be posting the pattern soon!
I'm finding inspiration everywhere I look!


  1. How pretty, you little designer, you. Pretty soon, we'll be buying your patterns. Keep up the good work, girl.

  2. Everything is lovely!! I hope Laura finds comfort with her shawl.


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