Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today is my anniversary.

Hubby and I have been married nine years. And they've been mostly good years. ;) So tonight, we're having a nice quiet dinner after the kids are in bed. I'm going to grill steaks. And I'm also making a no-bake cheesecake for dessert; I used to make those a bunch when we were newlyweds. I got him a gift card for Gander Mountain, which is an "outdoors" type of store. They sell stuff for hunting and fishing and camping, so I know he'll find something he likes there. I tried really hard to find something leather to give him, since leather is the ninth year gift. Well, I couldn't find anything leather that would make a good gift, except a nice leather wallet. But he doesn't carry a wallet; he uses a money clip. So scratch that idea. I think the gift card will be just fine. I don't know what he's giving me...unless it's a gift card for a massage or a yarn store...

We're going to go out for dinner on Friday; weekends work better for babysitters. I think we're planning on going to Applebees or Chilis. Either way, that will be nice.

A gift that I'm giving him, but he won't know about it I started the Love Dare. It's a forty-day challenge, designed to improve your marriage. Day 1 is about patience. The challenge is to "not say anything negative". Kinda tricky when you're dealing with PMS, but it can be done!


  1. Hope it's a wonderful night! Enjoy and Happy Anniversary.


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