Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Bibs

I mentioned in my previous post that I was making some bibs for a friend. Here they are!
I made a total of six bibs: two each of bright blue, bright red, and olive green cotton yarn.
I started with the red garter stitch one, just to get the basic idea figured out. I cast-on 30 stitches and knit in garter stitch until I had a square. Then I bound off most of the stitches, leaving 7, I think. I continued in garter stitch until I had a strap long enough to go around a baby's neck and button on the other side. I did a yarnover and knit two together, to make the buttonholes, and I made three buttonholes on each strap, so that the bib could be adjusted to fit the baby's neck snugly. For the second red one, I cast-on a few extra stitches, to accomodate the "pulling in" nature of the cables. The cable on the left side continues all the way up the strap, so the strap was wider...9 stitches, I think. I didn't keep great notes, just figured it out as I went.

I don't know why this picture uploaded sideways. Oh, well. Again, I did a basic garter stitch one. The second green one is a slip stitch pattern I saw somewhere and liked. The stitch pattern is knit five, slip one, repeat. Then all the stitches are purled on the wrong side. I added a garter stitch border, to keep it from curling. The strap on this one was very wide: 11 stitches.

And here are the blue ones. The blue cabled one is my favorite. The wide cables are 4 stitches, the narrow ones are 2 stitches. All of the cables cross in front; the wide cables every 8 rows, the narrow ones every 4 rows. The background of the cables is just garter stitch, but there's only one stitch between each cable. The strap is 8 stitches, with the wide cable continuing all the way around.
I am very happy with how these bibs turned out. I was going to make some burp cloths to match, but the baby shower is next week, and I haven't enough time. So I'll just have to buy some. They won't match, but that's okay, too.

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