Monday, July 13, 2009

I do mean to write more than once a week...honestly...

Oops. I made my daughter write in her blog last week, but forgot to do mine! We've been busy. We've been swimming almost every day; the girls are getting really good at it. Angel even took off her floaties and dramatically declared she'd never put them on again! Princess tried to follow her sister's example, but quickly realized she wasn't quite ready for that. She could swim about five feet before going under, so the floaties went back on her arms.
I finished one of the ammo belts and mailed it to my father-in-law for his birthday. I still need to finish Hubby's. The first one turned out pretty well, though not as fancy as the one in the catalog picture Hubby showed me.
I'm making progress on my knitting projects. Number 4(size 8) is further along than number 5(size 10), but both are coming along nicely. I'm hoping to get them done before I go visit my family in Kansas next month, so that my little sister can take some pictures for me; she's a very good photographer, and will likely get better shots than I will. And another reason for getting them done this month; I want to leave plenty of time for test-knitters! The official deadline is September 2, so that would leave all of August for my friends to check my calculations by knitting their own. ☺
And now I'm off to the bookstore, to find some new books for Angel! That girl reads so quickly, it's hard to keep up the supply (of quality books) with the demand.

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