Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I just have a few minutes, before I have to go get the girls started on their schoolwork, but I wanted to update, since it's been a few days. I am about halfway done with "Cathie", my latest project (see my previous post). I am in love with this Malabrigo yarn. I will be sad to be done knitting with it. It's so soft and lovely. I think I will save up, buy some of my own, and make a "Cathie" for myself. ☺ I am really enjoying the design; once you have it memorized, it's actually very easy. Now if I could just figure out cabling without a cable needle, I'd be able to speed right through the rest of this project...
My youngest daughter, whom I have called "Dolly" since she was just a newborn baby, because she was the same size as one of her sisters' dollies, has informed me this morning that she's not "Dolly" anymore. Between meows and snuggles, she told me that she wants to be called "Kitty" now. I have to admit, it fits her well. So my two-year-old will be referred to as Kitty from this point on.
And now it's time for math...

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