Thursday, January 28, 2010


Princess wants a shawl. She's been asking me for one since I finished my Ichthus shawl last fall. But she wants diamonds, not fish. And she says gray is her new favorite color. Fortunately, I took apart several gray cotton sweaters recently, so I have a lot of gray(3 different shades, I think) fingering-weight cotton from which to choose. This swatch is just some yarn I had lying around(Paton's Decor "Chocolate Taupe"), not the actual yarn I intend to use. I was just figuring out the design, making sure that it would look in-the-yarn how I made it look in-the-chart.
And, lol, I just realized I should have turned the picture upside-down. The point should be at the top; it's the center of the back. Oh, well. I'm just trying to decide whether to do a triangular shawl, with two wedges, or a 2/3 shawl, with four. Guess maybe I ought to ask Princess!
Now that "Cathie" is done, I'm going back to "Surf"...I just wanted to get this other project charted and swatched. ☺

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