Monday, January 4, 2010

Princess's poncho

I just realized I promised last week to post pics of Princess's poncho, then didn't deliver. Sorry about that. Here they are!

She really likes it. Anytime I remind her to hang it up in the garage(where all coats and such belong), she says, "I'm gonna wear it instead."
Even in the up-close picture, you really can't see the cables well. Oh, well, they aren't really anything special, just basic 4-stitch rope cables. They're visible enough in person; just don't show up well in pictures. Oh, and it's not really a different color around the bottom edge; it just looks like that because when I laid it out to block, I needed to spray extra water on the edges to get them to lay flat.
This project doesn't get a name; I may at some point rework the design, and make another one. But for now, I'm less-than-thrilled with it. I'm just glad it's done. I'm looking toward spring and summer now, and working on coming up with some new designs.

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