Sunday, January 3, 2010

I like shawls.

The pattern for my "Gracefully" shawl is now available for free on my pattern blog; the link is over there on the right! ----->

And here's a sneak peek at my newest project. I started this one New Years Eve, while I partied online with my best friends in the whole wide world. One of these days, we need to meet each other in person. ☺
Anyway, this is going to be a rectangular shawl, with a wavy lace pattern. I wanted the waves to go the long way on the shawl, so I'm knitting it sideways, from one long side to the other long side, if that makes sense. Which means I had to cast-on over 300 stitches. I doubt this project will take any longer than my other shawls, but it seems to take forever just to finish a row. The yarn is Naturally Caron Spa, in the colorway "Ocean Spray". (I absolutely love this yarn!) When I saw the stitch pattern, it reminded me of ocean waves, so I knew I needed a yarn worthy of the design. The working name for this pattern is "Surf". Surf is a gift for one of my dear, dear friends; I really hope she likes it. I already know she loves Spa yarn, and the color is one of her favorites, so it's really just a matter of hoping she likes the lace pattern as well.

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