Sunday, July 31, 2011

We have a road!

Yesterday my brother-in-law made us a road. ☺ Hubby posted pictures on Facebook, so I was able to grab a few.  Here's one of the road itself.  We'll be about half a mile back from the existing road that runs along the east side of the property.  This road heads west from there to the house location.  It still needs scoria (and I'm not sure I'm spelling that right), which is a red gravel they use in this part of the country for the roads.
 And here's a shot from the house location, looking east down the road. 
I know it isn't a big thing, but it's a first tangible step towards our new house.

And Hubby gave the builder (hereafter known as Royd) the down payment, so they can get started on the building...once the blueprints are complete.

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