Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm back from vacation!

Hello, dear readers!  I've missed you while I was on vacation.☺  But I'm back now, and I have an update!  This is the land where our new house will be built:
 It's a "quarter-section", which is farm-speak for roughly 160 acres.  It has tree-rows; you can see one of the rows there to the left.  I took the picture while standing precisely where the house will be.  So this will be the view out the back windows.  I designed the house myself.  I drew a rectangle, representing 28 feet by 60 feet, and filled it in with rooms.  When I showed it to the builder and asked if they might have any plans similar to what I'd drawn, he pointed to the drawing and said, "We can do that." ☺
I intend to update with pictures as the project progresses, although since it will be a modular home, built in two pieces and trucked to the location, there won't be a lot of in-progress pictures.  And yes, I'm aware the the picture shows a planted wheat field.  Some of that wheat will be sacrificed, but there will still be plenty throughout the rest of the field.  There are seven or eight tree-rows, and we're building between the second and third to the south.
This next picture shows the "treehouse tree", which is part of the row on the other side of the house site.
It's a big, old cottonwood with several trunks.  It has a few dead branches, and will need to be trimmed up, but the girls are very excited about the prospect of a treehouse, and swings.
Last week, I had two more patterns published on Knit Picks.  Visit to see them. ☺

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