Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I finished a project.

I've had a rough day.  I want to whine, but I've already done that elsewhere.  I just can't wait for today to end, so I can sleep, and hope for a better day tomorrow.  Anyway, on to happier topics.

I finished the Laura shawl I was knitting for my friend Leann!  She dyes and sells gorgeous, soft, squishy, lovely yarns, and she asked for volunteers to knit some samples with her yarn to help customers to get a better sense of how the yarns look knitted up.  I volunteered, and chose a large project.  I feel like I took so much longer than I had planned.  But it's done now, and just in time, since the movers will be here in three days. 
 The yarn I used was from Forbidden Woolery; Sparkle, in the colorway "Dumbledore"  It's a lovely mix of blues and grays.
 I used a US7 circular needle.
 The pattern is Laura.
The shawl ended up roughly 24 inches wide, and five feet long.  I forgot to measure it.  Oops.

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