Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pics of my newest FO.

I finished my Frost Cowl last week, and finally got a chance to have a little photoshoot.  Angel took the pics for me.  I think she's really improving!  It was tricky; we couldn't find a good spot for a background, so we decided it didn't matter that much, just for the proposal.  If they accept the proposal, we'll do a better job with the pattern photos.  Anyway, here it is!
Up around the face...
 ...and down around the neck.
On an only-slightly related note, I discovered that I could get rid of my scar with my photo editing software; it's a new feature.  Or at least, new to me.  Normally, I don't care that much about the scar on my forehead, but since I didn't put on foundation makeup, it was very visible.  It was distracting.  So goodbye scar.  It's actually a little strange to see my face without it; I've had it a long time.  I think I'm going to post the pics on Facebook and see if anyone in my family notices it's not there. ☻

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