Thursday, August 25, 2011

We have a basement!

Well, almost.

The basement for our new house was dug yesterday.  Here's a picture of the girls checking out the huge hole in the ground. ☺ When it's all said and done, the spot where they're standing in the pic will be part of the garage.
The girls are very excited about this basement, because I've told them they'll be allowed to ride scooters and skates down there, until we get around to building rooms in it.  I think they'll spend a lot of time doing that this winter, whenever it's too cold to play outside.

Speaking of cold weather, the girls and I drove up to the "Bigger Town" about 40 miles away yesterday(while the above digging was taking place) and hit Walmart, McDonalds and two thrift shops.  It was nice to feel like we were part of civilization again, if only for a few hours.  What was I saying....oh, yes.  At the thrift shops, we found snowpants for each of them, and ice skates for Angel, Kitty and me.  We'll have to look again for some skates for Princess; they didn't have any that would fit her wide feet.  All of the ice skates will, of course, need to be sharpened; I've had butter knives that were sharper.  It's going to be fun to get back out on the ice this winter.  I used to skate a lot when I was a teenager, and I did it a few times last winter, but now we'll have more opportunities for it.  I'm thinking I maybe should have bought some snowpants for myself as well; maybe I'll even get out and play in the snow with them.  Oh, well.  I'm sure we'll visit more thrift shops between now and winter.  Anyway, I still need to find snow boots for Angel and Princess, and for me just in case.  They each have several coats, but I'm not sure which ones will work for the extreme cold here.  I haven't sorted through them since we got here.  The girls wanted to look for cold weather gear for Daddy too, but I pointed out that he'd have to be with us to try the stuff on.  I didn't mention that he probably won't have any time to play in the snow.

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