Thursday, August 6, 2009

Itty bitty socks...

I have been knitting baby socks. I wanted to learn something new, and I picked socks. But I also wanted instant gratification, so I picked baby socks. I have a friend who is expecting her first girl, after having two boys. So she needs some sweet, feminine things for the new baby. She is learning to knit herself, and said that she was going to try making some bibs like the ones I made a few weeks ago. So I decided socks would be just the perfect gift. I'm close to finishing the second pair; I love how quickly these get done. I'm thinking I'll buy a little tiny pair of Mary Jane shoes to give her with the socks.
This sock was the first sockweight sock I ever knitted, and it only took a few hours. Of course, I already understood the basics of knitting lace, so I was able to focus on how to do the heel, which I did not understand. But now I do. ☺ The pattern for this sock can be found here:

It was quite simple, but I don't think I'd have chosen garter stitch for the top of the cuff; it doesn't have a lot of stretch. I think if I make more of these, I'll do a few rows of ribbing instead.
And once I understood the basics of knitting socks, I was able to take this idea and run with it. I had seen a pattern for girls'/womens' socks in this general style, but not babies'. I tried knitting a little bit of the lace edging from that pattern, but it was way too wide for baby socks; 10 stitches wide at the narrowest part. So, after much searching for the perfect narrow lace edging, I had to come up with my own. I hadn't done much with lace edgings(actually none, except that attempt I just described), so that was my new skill for this one. I did the lace edging with larger needles than the socks themselves, and it turned out ridiculously ruffley, which I like. The result is this sweet little sock. One of my friends said it looks like something Shirley Temple would have worn.
I am refining the pattern, and will post it on my pattern blog soon.

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