Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just venting...

What do you call a person who teases your children until they cry, then tells you that you need to "toughen up" your children? I'd call him a jerk. Except that I can't, because he's my little brother.
He started out teasing my oldest, hiding all the snacks when she was trying to get something to eat...and she cried. Then he smacked my middle child in the face with a pillow. Sure it was just a pillow, but for crying out loud, she's four and he's 24! She cried. Then he started teasing my baby, which just about put me over the edge. She didn't cry, but kept scooting closer and closer to me on the couch and giving him the evil eye. I guess the fact that he couldn't get her to cry made him start back in on my middle child...grabbing her hand and refusing to let go unless she said, "Please let me go, Tim." I told her to say, "Let go of me, you jerk!" And he acted like I was the one being rude. He had the nerve to tell me to "toughen up" my kids. I wanted to tell him to grow up, along with a few other choice words, but I didn't, because two of my children were still in the room. My oldest did the smart thing; she left the room after he teased her. All I can say is that it's a good thing he isn't planning on having any kids anytime soon, because if he treated his own like he treated mine, they'd hate him. I love my brother, but sometimes I don't like him very much.

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  1. OH yes you can! And in this case, you should! There is no excuse for a grown (I think) man to be treating children like that. Neither of my brothers would ever think to do such to my son. They know I'd beat the tar out of them.


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