Monday, August 24, 2009

Knitting, knitting, knitting...

I've been knitting a lot this week, trying to convert some of the ideas in my head into designs. Angel suggested I design a cabled scarf for a little girl (specifically, her) and a matching one for her doll. Here's an in-progress picture of that scarf, done in Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool.

And here are the finished scarves, after koolaid dyeing. The color is called "Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade".

And a picture of Angel and "Hannah" wearing their matching scarves. Just ignore the summery is August after all. We went outside for about 30 seconds, snapped a picture and ran back inside. August in Texas...the temperatures are still hovering near the 100 degree mark.
Yesterday I decided to try out a cast-on technique I'd heard of, the "Turkish Cast-on", and used it with this simple eyeglass case. I was going to do stripes with the cream Fisherman's Wool, but I decided I rather liked the funny pooling I got with this Lion Brand Print. The colorway is called "Autumn Sunset". So here's the "before felting" picture...
And here's the "after felting" picture. It shrunk less width-wise than I expected, but that's okay, since it was an experiment. Princess decided it was perfect for her purple sunglasses. I'm still working on the last size of my big project, and I'm getting close to being done. Which is good, because the deadline for pattern submission is fast-approaching. But I needed a few small projects...a little instant gratification. Now I'm focusing on finishing the big one. With a little luck, you just might see it in Knitty in December. Keepin' my fingers crossed...


  1. I love the matching scarves! Angel sure looks proud of hers! I like Fishermen's Wool a lot.

  2. Autumn Sunset is what I made my bag from! It felts nicely!


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