Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First of three dresses done!

I started on Friday, at exactly 6:30 pm, when the coverage of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies began. I decided to start with Kitty's dress, since she's the smallest of my girls, and I knew hers would get done most quickly.
I knitted just the top half of the dress. It's essentially a top-down seamless raglan cardigan, with short sleeves. I did garter stitch borders at the neckline, sleeve edges, waistline and button band(which is in the back). The rest is stockinette, with the "USA" stranded on the front. I used a dk-weight recycled cotton, and a size 4 circular needle. When it came time to separate the sleeves from the body, I simply bound them off and continued on the body.
I sewed the skirt on the machine, and attached it to the bodice by hand. The knit fabric of the bodice wasn't cooperating with the machine; it was stretching and distorting, so after stitching about two inches, I knew I was going to start over and do it by hand. Doing it that way gave me a lot more control, over both the knit fabric, and the skirt. The stitching line went in the "valley" between two purl ridges, and is invisible.

And here's what the back looks like. The buttons aren't anything special, just some plain white ones I had in my button stash. But they work.
Kitty loves her dress, and Princess and Angel can't wait for me to get theirs done. But it's chilly here this week, so Kitty has to wait to wear hers anyway. I started on Princess's dress the same day I finished the knitting on Kitty's, and last night I finished the stranded "USA" part. I'm getting close to being able to bind off the sleeves. ☺

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