Thursday, February 25, 2010

An "oops" fixed.

Okay, I know I said that Princess's dress was second...and I totally intended for it to be. I was knitting along, spacing the buttonholes exactly how I far apart I spaced them for Kitty's, and I decided that would be fine, and I would just make it so that it had five buttons instead of four. Then it would be long enough for Princess. So that's what I did. And it turned out too long for Princess's torso. It hung to her hips. I wanted the bodices to all end just a bit above their natural waists. So I tried it on Angel, and it fit perfectly; she and Princess have the same chest/waist measurement right now. But Angel's torso is longer than Princess's. For that matter, so are her legs. Long, and slim. She's built like my younger sisters. Anyway, Princess was disappointed that it wasn't hers, but I assured her that I'd be able to get hers done pretty quickly, and without any least that's the plan. So, yesterday, I got the skirt attached, and I'm glad I made it two inches longer than I'd originally planned. My girls love long dresses, and it should fit her all summer. And here's a pic of Angel, in her Olympic dress!

I've got less than half a week to finish the third one. Anybody want to take bets on whether I get done before the end of the Closing Ceremonies? I cast on for Princess's dress (again) last night, and got into the beginning of the stranded "USA" section, before my hands cramped up and made me quit. Planning on making some serious progress today. Gotta love the pressure...why did I take two days off from my project to work on something else?!? I'll post about the "something else" next time. ☺
In completely unrelated news...Laura(of the "Laura Shawl") had her final chemo treatment yesterday. She'll have surgery again soon, this time to reverse her colostomy, and then after recovering from that, she'll be able to move back into some semblance of normalcy. I'm so happy for her. To my readers who joined in praying for her, thank you.

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