Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Princess's shawl is done!

I spent most of today, working on the edging of this shawl, and now that it's bound-off and blocking, I don't think I like it. The edging, that is. Overall, I like the design, but I must have done something wrong on the edging.
Here's a closeup. I was expecting it to be more pointy, at the points, instead of just scallopy. And the bound-off edge is too tight, even though I went up two needle sizes for that. Oh, well. Princess loves it anyway. I'll continue to tweak the pattern, once I figure out just what I did wrong on the edging. Should I have switched to larger needles for the entire edging, not just the bind-off? I did add beads at the increase and decrease points of the edging, but I don't like how they won't stay exactly where I wanted them.
So, overall, I like the way this design came out, just not the edging. ☺


  1. The pattern looks great! Do you think you would like it if you made pointy edges where each of the diamonds comes to a point? I have no idea how to knit lace, but I do see so many shawls with pointed edges and thought that might look good here.

  2. Leann, that's actually what I was trying to do. I had glanced at a few patterns with that type of edging, but I guess I didn't pay close enough attention to how it's done.


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