Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oops, forgot to blog.

I've been busy for the last week. So busy I forgot to blog. Anyway, here's the product of some of that busy-ness. And the second one is almost ready for the heel.
These socks are for my youngest daughter, Kitty. I hadn't realized until now how big her feet are. They aren't baby feet anymore, which makes sense, since she is almost three. It just caught me off-guard. Anyway, a while back, I bought sock yarn to make socks for each of the girls. I let them pick any color of Knit Picks Palette sock yarn. (LOVE Knit Picks!) Kitty picked this yellow ("Semolina"), and said she wanted hearts on her socks. Yes, those are hearts; it's just not a great picture. I'll try to get some better pictures taken once I finish the second one. There are hearts on the back of the leg as well. I'm trying to get these done quickly, because the Olympics start tomorrow, and I'll finally be able to get started on my Olympic Challenge...three little girls' sundresses in two weeks. Definitely doable, if I'm not also working on a sock. So here's hoping I can get the second sock finished today. Or at the latest, tomorrow morning.

On Sunday afternoon, Angel and I went to a political rally; a first for both of us. We really enjoyed it. But Angel doesn't like when I write about the same thing she writes about in her blog, so I'll just direct you there, so you can read what she had to say about the rally. ☺

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