Friday, May 28, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Well, here it is Friday again, and I haven't written since Sunday. Oops. Again. Well, I've been busy this week. I started on the blue "Posy Patch" to go with the pink one, and am about 1/3 done with it. It's such a quick knit. And easy enough that I was able to work on it while watching the series finale of the best show in the world: 24. I'm so sad 24 is over, but I think they ended it pretty well. I would have preferred (spoiler alert!) for Jack and Renee to live happily ever after, and for him to spend lots of time with Kim and her husband and daughter. But that sort of everything-will-be-great-from-now-on ending just wouldn't have worked for 24. I think that Jack-on-the-run-with-everybody-and-their-brother-after-him works much better. I can't wait for the movie. :)

I also worked on "Posy Patch" at the dentist's office; I had two appointments there this week, to get fillings. Ow. My last dentist was a quack; he always raved about how I had great teeth, and no cavities. So why did I suddenly have seven??? Anyway, they're filled now, and I'm so glad that's over for this year. The dentist's assistant seemed to think I was a little strange, because I was holding a skein of yarn in my hands and squeezing and petting it while the dentist was drilling in my teeth. But it helped keep me relaxed, so I don't care if she did think I was weird.
I did a little brush-clearing and stump-sawing and raking each day, and now the fenceline at the back of our yard looks terrific. All ready for a fence. Kerry should be here tomorrow morning to help us build it...which reminds me I need to call him to make sure of that. I got tired of chasing cows out of the yard; I actually chased out five one I dug out some bright orange Caron Simply Soft, and strung it across the posts. And it worked! Apparently the cows aren't smart enough to tell the difference between yarn and barbed wire. And I'm glad I finally found a use for that ugly acrylic yarn! I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it.
And today I decided to tackle my mending basket. I hemmed two pairs of shorts, repaired four rips, and sewed on one button. I still have a silk shirt that needs the sleeves hemmed, but I don't feel like doing that one today. I still have a bunch of cleaning up to do today. I don't want Kerry to think we're a bunch of slobs when he comes tomorrow...

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