Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Demolition :)

Remember I mentioned my to-do list yesterday? And that ripping pickets off the back fence was on the list? Well, hubby surprised me by coming home from work early, so we got started on the project. ☺
Here's a before shot of the fence. It's served as the backdrop for many of the pictures I've posted here on my blog. Say goodbye to the old fence.
Here's hubby, ripping off pickets:

He preferred the pry-them-off approach.
And here's me, ripping off pickets:

I went with the pound-them-from-the-back-with-the-hammer-until-they-fall-down approach. Both methods worked well. (Yes, I know my pants are too tight. I'm working on that.)

And here's what the fence looks like now:

...except for the pile of pickets on the ground. I took care of that after I took the picture.


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  1. Now I understand the photo on facebook of the cows! I didn't realize you were tearing out your fence. Just thought some random cows wandered over.


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