Monday, June 6, 2011

Angel's at camp!

I dropped Angel off at church this morning, so she could go to camp.
She's been very excited about it for months, but she looked a little apprehensive when it was actually time to go get in the bus.  Her counselor posted on Facebook a little while ago, saying they made it to the camp, so now I can relax.  I hope she has a wonderful time, and doesn't miss us too much.  She's never been away from family for this much time before.  She and Princess spent a week with friends back when Kitty was born, but the two of them were together.  This time, she's alone.  She's a little shy, but at least she kind of knows some of the other kids from Sunday School. ☺
I've finished the "A Girl's Best Friend" Scarf, and made a pair of mitts to match, since I had plenty of yarn leftover.  I'll post pics of that tomorrow; the mitts are still blocking right now.

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