Thursday, June 16, 2011

Picked a realtor.

We had some realtors come through our house yesterday to give us comparative market analyses.  First was a husband/wife team from Re/Max.  They were very polite and helpful.  They took detailed notes and listened to what I told them about the updates and improvements we've made.  I explained to them that we were in the middle of cleaning and organizing, and they were very understanding about the state of general disarray.  They were not impatient when my children interrupted repeatedly(though I was).  They told me about their company, and what we could expect if we hire them.  They showed me statistics that backed up what they were saying about the company and the process.  They named a very fair price for the listing; it was a bit less than what we paid for it, which I expected with the economy in the tank how it is(thanks a lot, uncle sam).  All in all, I really liked them, and thought they would do a great job getting our house sold.

Then another agent from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate came through.  She had a loud, slightly-annoying voice, and one of the first things she said was that the carpet really needs to be cleaned. (which was already on my list)  She told me several times that I have my work cut out for me. (duh! that's why I've been literally working my butt off for the past weekandahalf.)  She didn't listen to what I said about the house, and hardly took any notes at all.  She gave my kids dirty looks when they interrupted.  She pointed out the same things that the other agents did, but the way she did it was just rude and unkind.  I think she was expecting to walk into an unoccupied, perfectly-staged house that would fit right in to...Better Homes and Gardens.  It seemed she was unaware that actual people live in houses, and actual children live in large houses.  She pointed out how long other houses in the neighborhood have been on the market, and the fact that several of them were in foreclosure...and then she named the listing price: the same price we had paid four years ago, before the economy crashed.  She just didn't seem to have a solid grasp on reality.

We decided to go with the team of agents, even though they suggested listing lower than the other.  Moving is stressful enough; I don't think I could deal with her condescension along with that.  So now I just need to finish organizing and getting ready!

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