Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm in Kansas!

I haven't been online much in the past few days, because we're visiting my family in Kansas.  It's been a pretty quiet visit.  The only one of my siblings that I've spent much time with is my sister Sara.  She has three daughters also, and our girls love to play together.  So we all went to the pool yesterday, and had a lot of fun.  Then I took Sara out for dinner, and on the way home we realized the sky was swirling ominously, so we grabbed her kiddos and headed back to our parents' house.  Turns out her oldest girl(same age as Princess) had "prayed to Jesus that there would be a tornado so we could have a sleepover at Grandma's house." Haha.  Little stinker.  There wasn't actually a tornado, but it definitely looked possible!  Since Sara and her family live in a trailer, they always go to Mom and Dad's when the weather is bad.  So now we're just keeping the kids busy until Sara comes back to get them.  I think we might be going to the zoo later.

And tomorrow we're getting back in the van and heading north...to North Dakota.  We'll be up there almost two weeks, and hopefully we'll be able to get the process of building our house started while we're there.  We have to go look at the land and decide where on it we want the house, and which way we want it to face, and what shape we want it to be.  There are a lot of options as far as the shape.  I've been looking online at one specific builder that is based in Minnesota, but has an office a few miles from where we'll be.  I'm hoping we can get a design we like, in a price range that we like.  Originally, Hubby had said to me "plan your dream home"...but when I showed him what I liked(which wasn't outrageous) he was aghast.  I'm thinking, either tell me to plan our dream home, or tell me to keep it economical.  They are pretty much mutually exclusive.  Oh well.  A smaller house should be easier to keep clean...in theory.

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