Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More socks!

They're done! ☺ The "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" Socks are done!  Took me less than a week, too!
I had hoped to get a good pic of know, her whole self...but she decided to be difficult this morning.  She smiled menacingly, like she wanted to eat the camera.  She smiled a tiny bit, like she was bored and thought taking pictures was stupid.  She giggled, but not real giggles, so the smile just looked weird.  The only time she gave me a real smile, she covered it with her hands.  Finally, when she had a meltdown and threw a tantrum, I gave up.  The above will be the photo for the pattern.

I am glad, at least, that I didn't have to buy new shoes.  I knew I wanted her to wear black "Mary Janes", and her old "church shoes" from last winter were too small.  But I remembered that there are still a few decent shoes in the shoe box; a big plastic container into which we toss shoes that don't fit anyone and wait until they fit someone.  Angel checked for me and found these shoes.  They were scuffed; obviously they've been worn by two girls before, but fortunately Hubby had black shoe polish.  I got them all polished up, and they look almost good as new!

Anyway, they're done, and so is the pattern.  I love this colorway; it's so pretty.  I hope they're sending the same colorway in Swish for the scarf sample. ☺

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