Thursday, April 2, 2009

Been busy today.

I've been pretty busy, but don't feel like I got much done. I was supposed to have my yearly doctor's appointment today, but when I showed up, they told me I was two months too early and my insurance wouldn't cover it. Okay... that's stupid, but whatever. I had errands to run anyway. So I went and got some supplies for my handmade spindles. And a few groceries.

This evening, I made two whorls, but one of them is for my seven-year-old. After watching me spin the past few days, she told me that she really wants to learn to spin. She's learning to knit already, and I think learning to spin seems to be easier than learning to knit. At least, for me. So I told her that I'd make her her own spindle (because both of mine have yarn on them) and I also decided to make her a matching set of size 10 1/2 knitting needles. I used the same clay for the whorl of the spindle, and for the end buttons of the needles. I'll take a picture when all of it is done. Anyway, I decided that I might as well make two whorls, so I can make one spindle to sell on my etsy. The whorls are still baking right now...I'm getting sleepy, so I hope they are done soon.

So anyway, like I said, I didn't really get much done. But that's okay, I guess.

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