Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Tea Party Day!

Okay, now I'm ready to talk about Tea Party Day. Warning: political content ahead. You may be offended. If so, get over it.

I wanted very much to go to a Tea Party today. I had it all imagined out. Then I read about how Acorn and the Huffington Post, and others like them (read: fascist haters of everything America stands for) were recruiting people to infiltrate the Tea Parties and start trouble, to make us look bad. I know the type of trouble people like them like to stir up, and I know it usually ends with police in riot gear breaking up the protest and arresting people. And then I read a document that came out of the Department of Homeland Security, which said, essentially, that conservatives are terrorists. Anybody who believes that the government is too big and spends too much and taxes too much...must be monitored. Uhm, yeah. We aren't the ones breaking the law. We may not like some of the laws, but we still follow them, because that's what kind of people we are. So anyway, I decided that I would not go, because I would have to bring my children with me. And I would have to protect them from people who feel like stirring up trouble. I live in a very large city, and my city and surrounding county went blue during the last election. So I know that the majority where I live is liberal. I'm okay with that, except when and where it would be likely to put my children in danger.

So, since we wouldn't be participating in an organized tea party, we decided to have our own. It was my oldest daughter's idea. She's 7 years old, and smart as a whip. So we all dressed in red, white and blue today. And we're spending the day talking about history and politics, and the significance of the Tea Parties. And we had a real tea party. Which is a very special once-in-a-while treat. This was actually the first time my youngest got to participate, but she used plastic dishes. Later, the girls plan to watch one of their favorite movies: Felicity. It's a historical fiction movie, set in 1774, about a girl living in colonial Williamsburg, deciding whether she'll be a "loyalist" or a "patriot." It's a very good movie, and I highly recommend it.


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