Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Summerlin" dresses

Here are my girls in some sundresses I made for them. The top of each is recycled cotton, and the skirts of the younger two are from fabric I had in my stash. I had to buy some to go with the fuschia yarn for my oldest.
"Angel" - age 7 1/2

"Princess" - Age 4

"Dolly" - age almost 2

These dresses were so easy to make, and my girls love them. I'm sure they'll wear them many times this summer; I should probably make a few more. I actually knitted the top parts upside down from how the pattern was written. But that's because it made more sense to me that way. In the pattern, you are supposed to start at the ends of the straps and knit to where the v-neck comes together, then join the two pieces and continue. Instead, I started with the waistband, and knit both sides of the front and both straps concurrently, with two balls of yarn. I like how they turned out. Cool enough for summer, without looking tarty. But don't get me started on current fashions for little girls...

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