Saturday, April 4, 2009


Can I just say, "I hate Saturdays"? I do. Saturday is such a promising sort of day; there are all sorts of things that could be done on Saturdays. Yard work with my hubby (because I'm not strong enough to accomplish much on my own), family time, going somewhere fun together, etc. Yeah, none of that is likely to happen on any given Saturday at our house.
Saturday is when my hubby goes to the airport. Why? Because he's a pilot and part-owner of a plane. All the pilots at our airport hang out at the airport every Saturday morning. They hang out, eat donuts and talk about flying. When the weather's nice, they go flying. Why? I have no freaking idea. To me, hanging around in airports is the absolute worst part of traveling. Why the heck would someone do it when they don't have to? But then, I'm not a pilot. I don't even like flying. I spend every minute in a plane praying, knitting, or both.
To be fair to Hubby, he does usually take one of the kids with him, which (he thinks) gives me a little break. Yeah, to me, it's just a regular day; I just have one less kid underfoot. On Saturdays I usually do laundry, catch up on the housework I've ignored during the rest of the week, and try to keep the two kids at home with me entertained. Of course, today, Hubby's not taking any of them with him, because he's going flying. And they all hate flying, just like mommy. :P
That means, in addition to not getting to have a nice relaxing Saturday, I won't even get my "little break". And he'll be gone all freaking day. Wasting money on an unnecessary flight. And he whines at me about what I spend at Walmart. Yeah. He bought into a plane, and (on top of the buy-in price) has to pay about $100 per hour that he flies it. Double standard, anyone?
Well, if you've read this entire rant, thanks. And let me just say one more time "I HATE SATURDAYS!"

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  1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    I don't have human kids (have the hubs, 3 dogs, 1 cat) but understand the not being able to accomplish what you want when you want.

    TOTALLY. ;)


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