Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dolly's birthday

Today is Dolly's birthday. She is two years old. I can hardly believe it; she's growing so fast. She got a very cute little tea set for her birthday; the teapot makes boiling and pouring sounds, and sings songs about tea. She really likes it; she spent the rest of the day giving all of us tea. I spraypainted her old (very very old) dolly cradle purple, and helped Angel (my oldest) make a doll-sized quilt and pillow to go with it. The cradle itself was made for my husband's aunt when she was a little girl, and I had painted it cream several years ago. But now I'm getting ready to redecorate Princess and Dolly's bedroom in a fuschia and purple color scheme. So purple it is!

We just had a nice, quiet family celebration. I'm not much good at planning parties, so I've decided to just enjoy birthdays without turning them into big productions. Less stress for me that way. :)

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