Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Bunker Liberation Day!

First of all, if you have no idea what Bunker Liberation Day is, that's okay. Just bear with me. It's a new holiday for a certain group of my friends, who are all members of a private website. A year ago, most of us were banned from a knitting website. The banning was undeserved, and was very hurtful at the time to all of us. I'll spare you the whole sad story, since I prefer to focus on the positive, but the main issue was politics.
The reason I'm wishing Happy Bunker Liberation Day to my readers is that the majority of them are BunkerBabes. ☺ I participated in a really fun swap, to celebrate BLD. It was a UFO Swap, and I've mentioned it here before. I sent my Un-Finished Object and yarn to Angela, and Cathie sent her yarn to me. I can finally post pictures! Here is what I made with Cathie's yarn:

It's a scarf. The first picture is a closeup of the cables and lace.
And here's what Angela did with my yarn! It's Tunisian Crochet Entrelac! This makes me want to try both Entrelac, and Tunisian Crochet.

Angela also made some fingerless mitts to match!

And here are pictures of me, modeling Angela's masterpieces!

I know, being banned doesn't seem like something to celebrate. But that's only if you don't know how close-knit(pun intended) our group has become as a result. When we were banned, we were hurt, saddened, angry and depressed. With time, we began to realize that we were knitting and crocheting more now that we weren't distracted by that other site. And we even became more creative than we had been; several of us decided to take the first steps into designing our own projects. We've done multiple swaps, as I've mentioned before here on my blog, and with each one we get to know lots of little things about the person we're spoiling. We've made use of the chatroom on our site, even having online parties! Our New Year's Eve party was wild!
All that to say, I love the BunkerBabes (and the one BunkerDude) like family. I'm glad we have each other. So Happy Bunker Liberation Day, Babes! I'm looking forward to many more years with y'all!


  1. Happy Bunker Liberation Day! Today was a gorgeous day for a celebration. I missed out on swaps, but I really enjoy seeing all the pictures. I bet they had no idea that when TPTB though that were "punishing" us, they actually did us all a blessing. We have shown that people can live without that site and live to knit another day :-).

  2. That scarf turned out beautifully!


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