Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In memory of Lyla.

That "new pattern in the works" that I mentioned last week...well, it's going to be in-the-works indefinitely. Baby Lyla, for whom I was making those legwarmers, didn't make it. She passed away when she was just three days old. Please keep her parents in your prayers.
Here's a picture of the tiny legwarmers, but I won't be publishing the pattern yet. I like to make sure that what I make fits the person for whom it was made, before publishing a pattern.

I had planned to send these to my friend, and have her find out whether they fit well; whether they needed to be looser or snugger, or longer or shorter... And then I was going to tweak the pattern as needed and make more, a bunch more. I won't be doing that now. But I will keep Lyla's legwarmers, as a reminder to pray for her family. And maybe someday, there'll be someone else who can make use of them. If/when that happens, I'll update the pattern and publish it.

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