Friday, March 12, 2010

A whole lotta knittin' goin' on.

I finished this yesterday morning, with grafting the strap stitches, and Princess wore it all day. Turned out yesterday was a good day for it; warm, humid...we actually had to make use of the air conditioner in the van. Anyway, here are pictures of Princess, in her new tank top.

Here's a closeup of the front. The cables continue up the straps, and connect to the cables on the back.

Here's the back. Can you see where the stitches were grafted? The only problem I see is that the last cable, where the straps meet the top of the back, is a little longer than the rest. I should have done one less row on the straps before grafting. Oh, well, you knit, you learn. Two more girls want tank tops....and my sister wants me to design a "romper" with the same cables, and make them for her girls.
I'm also working on an extremely boring pair of socks. I'm using a variegated yarn, so I decided that I wanted it to be a pair of plain socks. To keep me from sticking my US2s in my eyes, I take a break every few minutes, and look at sock patterns that are not plain and boring. I've fallen in love with a bunch of cabled sock patterns. And I'm planning on sticking with solid or semi-solid sock yarn after this, so that I can do the more fancy designs, without worrying about the cables fighting with the color changes in the yarn.
I haven't done much work on Surf. The long long long rows were wearing me out, and I wanted to do some projects with shorter rows, or rounds. I need to get back to it, so that I can send it to the friend I'm making it for.
Adamas is still languishing in my other knitting bag, next to my chair. I really want to work on it, but I agreed to wait. I'm doing a lot of waiting these days.
I got my box yesterday, from my friend Angela. If you remember I posted about our UFO swap in January. I sent her a bunch of fingering-weight cotton/bamboo/silk, and she stitched it up for me. I have to wait until Sunday to open it. The suspense is killing me. ☺ Okay, not really. I love surprises. And I even enjoy waiting for surprises. The anticipation is half of the gift, for me. I will post on Sunday afternoon, and let y'all know what she made for me....and what I made for Cathie. I'm not sure that Cathie reads my blog, but I know that she could find it pretty quickly if she wanted to. So that's why I haven't yet posted pictures of what I made for her.

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  1. Thank tank is adorable!!!

    Let me know when you cast on for one of those cabled socks...maybe we can do a KAL. I'm a sucker for a good cabled sock, and always looking for a way to showcase my yarn!


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